My Real Experience

My Real Experience

I am putting 5 stars unil I fully heal. I cannot give a real star rating until that time. I was waiting to write about my experience until I could post a...

1 year after neck revision

It’s a year since my revision of my neck surgery. The scars behind my ears and on my scalp are pretty horrible. They are thick and very obvious looking. They are lumpy and it looks very unnatural so anyone would know I had surgery.

The scars and baldness from the unnecessary brow lift are still really bad. I try everything. Regain, nutrafol, special shampoos and serums. Nothing will ever get hair to grow over those scalp scars. I look much older being so bald. I use topix fibers every day trying to camouflage the baldness. My scalp dents in where those 4 cuts were made into my scalp.

Why a brow lift? I do not know. I didn’t want one. I was worried about my hair and I emailed the dr beforehand voicing my fears about that. I have more wrinkle lines in my forehead now then I did before the brow lift. My eyes still have ptosis. The eye surgery didn’t help at all and actually made it worse bc they are wrinkled and bumpy where the stitches were, so now it looks like I had failed eye surgery. No makeup will cover the wrinkles from the stitches on my eyelid.

As for the co2 laser that didn’t work at all, my brown spots and wrinkles are all how they were before the procedure.

It’s good that the surgeon did the revision on my neck. He tried to fix it. It’s just not the surgery that I ever started with this to get. The revision fixed most of the deformity on my neck that resulted from the first surgery. It didn’t address my scalp, scars, bald patches, brown spots, wrinkles, etc.

I feel like I look very fake now. There are too many signs that I had botched surgery. I regret ever having trusted reviews and signing up for surgery. Too many procedures and they all went wrong.

Most of the reviews have no photos. I have come to think those are not real. Then there are a few where people look great and include photos. The dr expressed that he thinks my skin just grows back and droops fast (not like most people) and that my scars just don’t heal well. Maybe I am just an oddity. I still wish I saw a very honest and accurate review before my initial surgery. Then people can know the dr jacono reviews risks. Not everyone has successful procedures. Then people can choose to do it or not, knowing that no doctor can do magic. If it sounds too good, it probably isn’t realistic for everyone.