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Anonymous fund & investor partner reviews by founders for founders.

Net promoter scores for VCs.

December 2022 Edition

We only provide review access to founders to protect the integrity of the reviews.

Alongside anonymous review access, we also provide community resources & internal products to our VC Guide Founder Community. We will reach out after we perform a reference check to make sure review access is being provided to founders.

All reviews are anonymous.

The review source by founders for founders

A (Very Quick) Guide to VC Guide

Creating Reviews

The VC Guide Review is a *protected* & *anonymous* form for founders to submit their experiences and reviews of VC's and investors they've met and worked with. The goal of VC Guide is to be as helpful to as many founders as possible when navigating the venture world, and to level the playing field.

The intention of these reviews is to be helpful and informative. We discourage founders from disparaging investors for the sake of it and to be as honest & objective of their experience as possible.

We do not ask for any names or any information that can be tied back to an individual, and the submission form is protected on an invite-only basis into the VC Guide Founder Community to ensure quality of reviews.

*Note: Anyone who shares the VC Guide password to anyone outside of the VC Guide Founder Community will be banned.

Review Criteria

For each review we explicitly ask the following with an open text box for founders to fill out:

"Please leave an honest review of your experience of either talking or working with this VC/investor. Anecdotes are welcome. Try to add as much context as possible to the circumstances of this review, as the intention of this is to be as helpful as possible to other founders."

In addition to an open-slate review form, we ask additional & optional questions to allow founders to add more context to reviews, including:

"How Well Do You Know This Investor?"

"Have you received funding from this Investor?"

"Investor has authority to write checks within the firm"

The reviews also contain optional sliding scale statements that ask: "On a scale from 1-10 (1 = strongly disagree; 10 = strongly agree), to what extend do you agree with this statement?" The sliding scale statements and their explanations are included below.

1. "Respectful, Responsive & Decisive"

Investor is super responsive/does not ghost

Investor treats founders with respect, is responsive, and is also fast in making decisions (decisive).

2. "Adds Value (Hiring, Fundraising, Selling)"

Investor overall adds value to founders with customer intros, hiring, fundraising etc.

3. "Trustworthy (Understands Market & Delivers)"

I trust this investor

This investor is trustworthy, knows the market well or makes an vc reviews effort to learn about the market, & is no BS (delivers what they promise).

4. "Would You Recommend This Investor?"

I recommend this person to another founder to work with on a scale from 1-10

Community Guidelines

We have a set of rules that we expect every user to abide by on VC Guide. Please visit our Community Guidelines.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, or questions on the VC Guide review process or anything else...